The 5 features of an outstanding security guard management software

A security guard software aims to help companies monitor their guard tours without getting distracted from their initial purpose: ensure high security level of their staff (guards and other security officers) and guaranteed protection of buildings and assets. To achieve it, the investment in a well-established guard tour system is under no discussion. However, when it comes to choose, there are specific parameters to get under evaluation in order to produce significant benefit as far as your daily work procedures.

1. Real-time

What better than a real-time security guard management? A really innovative guard tour software should execute procedures in real-time so as to relieve the managing staff from time consumable processes such as repeating phone calls, filling paper or online forms, controlling patrols via messages or visits to the specific areas. Investing in a real-time security guard management software, a company or organization is able to monitor guard’s position and guard tours in real time, being informed about any occurring incident and thus increase the security level of both their staff and the services provided to their clients.

2. Cloud system

Cloud is the future. It offers the unique ability to virtually transfer your office in any location worldwide and not get disturbed on your job due to locality limitations. Taking into account that guard tour management may consists of several areas and territories spread out in a large number of locations or even countries, a cloud guard security guard management software should be a prerequisite for a business offering security guard services. Cloud guard tour systems offer flexibility and effectiveness, globalizing data and information and minimizing infrastructure and delivery costs.

3. User friendly

A security patrol software aiming to help users minimize cost and waste of time could not consist of special and expensive equipment. That is the reason that smartphones are used widely on every aspect of today global market by means of mobile applications which are simple enough to use and do not require any complicated installation or configuration. Smartphones are also the best choice in order to execute a guard tour as any of us bears it in his pocket and it does not add extra equipment to the guards who are in charge of executing security guard tours. For all the above, a smart security guard management software should offer a mobile application from which the guards could complete all basic operations a guard tour software should afford.

4. Advanced Reporting

A vital procedure of any security company is to keep documentation and data reports regarding guards schedules, accomplished or not guard tours, time intervals of patrols, occurring incidents and any arising problems or emerging alerts. It is hard to think that all of this stuff should be carried manually in the past. However, nowadays technology allows the creation, editing and implementation of the above actions via simple commands in a well-structured web interface. A security guard management software lets the managing staff to organize guard tours and patrols efficiently, by searching, indexing, saving and exporting data adding advanced search filters to facilitate its work.

5. User Management

Last but not least, a guard tour software oriented to fully automate guard tour management should inform not only company but also the final clients about specific events with regard to their own assets and set administration roles and multi branching user management in order to acquire different levels of access to the system (e.g. administrator company, sub-companies, clients, guards etc). It means, that except the general administrator of the account who can access any aspect of the specific areas, companies and guard tours, not all users will share the same privileges, letting the managing staff to assign roles and give different permissions to each user of the security guard management software.

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