Security Guard Services: How to offer high quality services

Yes, you have made the right decision by starting a security guard agency. It has good returns if protocols are followed right.

Always remember as your business grows, more customers will need your services. With more clients seeking your organization, you will need to implement control systems to take care of different sites.

One such measure includes implementing a guard tour systems solution like QR-Patrol software to ensure the processes run smoothly on different sites.

But what is a Guard Tour System?

This is a system implemented by organizations or companies to help them logging the rounds of employees such as security guards. The system helps the security personnel to achieve their predefined tasks within the required timeframes.

By integrating the system, you organize, log, and execute patrols in a more organized manner. The process integrates the use of both computer software and hardware to help the security to keep a track and report the places they have been. QR-Patrol is a next-gen software to help you with such undertakings.

What are the Categories of Guard Tour Systems?

To get maximum value from your security personnel you need to create predefined patrol procedures. Patrols should be carried out regularly throughout the shifts and the guards should address all the key areas within the facility in question and should follow a pre-established route.

The two major categories of guard tour systems include:

  • Wand guard tour systems- It is an initial technology that utilizes handheld devices
  • Cloud guard tour systems- It integrates modern mobile and cloud tech

In these security guard tour systems, the person in charge of the security establishes a patrol route and checkpoints for the guards.  This way all vital points are checked and patrolled within specific timeframes.

What are the Benefits Implementing Guard Tour Systems?

Whether utilizing a wand or cloud guard tour systems in monitoring your security personnel, what matters the most is that you keep your client's organization secure. It makes all the difference between a security business that succeeds and the one that flops.

That's why we implore you to implement QR-Patrol in all facilities you are in charge of as it helps in:

Reducing On-site Supervision

Long are gone the days when organizations had to employ physical supervision to ensure the security guards met the required operating procedures and standards. Some of their roles included making patrols, securing important areas in the facility, maintaining security logs, and so on.

Currently, by investing in security guard services that integrate guard tour systems, you rest assured that all the above pre-set requirements are being met by your security guards without incurring extra costs of hiring an on-site supervisor. The guard tour services ensure the security procedures run smoothly with automated monitoring that provides alerts when the protocol is broken. This process helps you to monitor and manage more sites remotely, reducing the amount of manual supervision.

Boosting Business Performance

By using guard tour services, business managers get sight of granular issues on the ground. From the surface, a business may seem to be doing fine. However, there may be small intrinsic issues, which may be invisible to the top management, and if left unaddressed, they may lead to loss of customers.

A good guard tour system helps the management to know:

  • Which sites have most issues
  • The common types of issues
  • Days that most issues occur
  • If guards are complying with the standard operating procedures
  • Patrol runs that are missed the most
  • Underperforming guards

By addressing these issues, a security business runs smoothly, which in turn improves its performance.

Saving Time Through Automated Reporting

Everybody wants to see exactly what they are paying for, and a good way to let them in, is by providing your clients with reports of the service they are getting. Initially, the process involved managers and supervisors manually compiling daily or weekly reports.

With good guard tour systems, all the security logs for different sites are recorded in real-time and generated into user-friendly reports. This process saves the supervisors time and improves the user's experience.

Improves Accountability

Accountability is the backbone of any security company. Arguably, no other way could beat the accuracy of the information provided by cloud-based systems. The system helps you to track the exact time the guard executed tours, the time interval between patrol, and the time when the reports were submitted.

With the guard tour systems, you can determine missed inspections and checkpoints. The information increases effectiveness by reducing redundancies. It also increases accountability due to the reliability of data.

GPS Monitoring

With the modern, state-of-the-art, and cutting-edge technology guard tour systems, real-time GPS monitoring is not news. This is integrated into businesses that have large properties. The feature allows you to monitor the exact location of a guard at any given time.

It helps you to know if the guards are patrolling as expected. This is a great way to increase reliability and accountability of your security business as you will be able to map the guards' exact path during a shift.

Other Methods to Skyrocket your Security Guard Services

It is no doubt that modern security tech is a must-have necessity for your security business. Even better, with the revolution of the undertaking, the businesses in this industry are more productive and profitable.

Apart from integrating guard tour systems, here are other methods to boost the worth of your business:

Train Guards

Manning a ground or property is not just about looking for intruders. It involves specialized skills of making patrols, how to respond to emergencies, and interacting with the people who access the premises. This scenario can be achieved through training your staff.

Quick Response to Alarms

Any company that offers security guard services, should be able to respond to alarms effectively and efficiently. They should have a 24/7 team on standby with the technical knowledge to handle different security problems.

Install Cameras and Alarms

Installing cameras and alarms is a great way of securing a premise. It helps you to monitor the grounds remotely, helps to monitor for intruders, and sends alerts to inform you of an impending crime.

With these devices, you achieve perfection in your business, which means more customers. Always remember it takes money to make money.

Review your Pricing Strategy

Keeping your prices low than your competitor is a sure way to help your security guard agency grow. However, make sure your pricing policies help to meet your operational costs and make you profit.

Research is Crucial

The success of a security guard agency goes beyond advertising and branding. It includes research on your market specific needs. Learn the most functional approach to enter the market.

Sit Back and Relax while QR-Patrol Improves your Security Business Features

Are you looking for a system to help you monitor your security personnel? QR-Patrol is a system just tailored for the use.

The custom designed system helps in:

  • Incidents reports
  • Guard tour monitoring
  • Guard's schedules
  • Advanced reports
  • NFC / QR code / Beacons
  • Timekeeping

The system has a good track record of success and the positive testimonials from our customers is a proof. By using our system, rest assured that you will enjoy peace of mind while racking enormous profits from your security business.

For more information, contact us.