Terracom participated in the 5th Security Project 2017 in Athens

Terracom’s participation in the 5th Security Project 2017, at 26 & 27 May 2017 in Athens, was a great success. During the exhibition we had the opportunity to present our innovative products and services.

More specifically, visitors of our stand were fully informed about the following:

  • QR-Patrol is the most innovative guard and patrol system aimed at security companies (but not exclusively) and had a strong impact in global markets. Our customers are located in over 50 different countries, while having established a robust network in key countries (USA / America, Australia, Great Britain) for its promotion. QR-Patrol provides advanced automation and programming solutions for day-to-day processes utilizing fully mobile, cloud and Internet of Thing technologies. QR-Patrol PRO is the evolution of QR-Patrol and the first guard tour system that includes Internet of Things technologies (i.e. beacons and wearables). QR-Patrol Pro received funding from the SME Instrument Phase 2 (Horizon 2020). In that call for proposal (November 2015) the success rate was merely 1.7% – only 4 proposals out of 234 were approved – while Terracom’s proposal was the highest rated in Europe. The European Commission deemed our proposal highly innovative in a high priority area for Europe (security) and with large commercial potential.
  • MyLoneWorkers is the new management and monitoring system for lone workers, that uses a mobile and web application to ensure their protection and the proper execution of their tasks, under difficult circumstances in remote regions. The system was designed for the direct confrontation of external dangers, as well as the automatic alert of the control center, in case a lone worker finds himself in emergency situations (man-down)

Our team would like to thank all of you who visited us during 5th Security Project 2017 to learn more about our innovative Guard & Lone Worker Tour management solutions. Your interest was really impressive and exceeded any expectation, and we promise to continue working on further upgrading our solutions such as to provide the best guard & lone worker tour monitoring systems worldwide!