Terracom participated in "Branding for Growth" workshop which took place in Brussels

Terracom participated in "Branding for Growth" workshop which took place in Brussels on 8-9 November 2017 under EASME programme. The workshop was a call for Horizon 2020 participants so as to get useful information regarding Branding, Marketing and Communication of their products to global audiences.

The workshop included companies from all over the Europe (Spain, France, Greece, Germany, etc.) and was divided in two basic parts. During the first part, the instructors introduced all the basic concepts which are necessary today in order to build a thorough and consistent brand that will attract customers and will help businesses increase their sales rate rapidly. They presented real examples of successful marketing and communication projects which helped small companies to create a giant brand and set their product as a “must to buy” in several different markets worldwide.

During the second part of the workshop, Terracom and all the other participants developed their ideas about their own branding strategy, mentioning their main directions, the marketing goals, the weaknesses they believe that they have as well as their competitive advantages. In addition, the participants were asked to cooperate with their coaches so as to define some useful guidelines regarding the way they interact with their audiences, such as the features of their products, the real benefits they have, their emotional impact to the clients and their value towards people and society in general. All of the above were a basis so as to create a framework on which each company could build a strong branding strategy so as to sell more efficiently products and services.

Finally, all the participants had the opportunity to interact with each other, gain more knowledge regarding their field of expertise and exchange useful information regarding their marketing policies and the way they try to attract more clients and sell their products.