Upcoming QR-Patrol features!

Our team has been working on new useful features to add to QR-Patrol system, that will upgrade the system services offered, and facilitate your daily work!

We have gathered and evaluated your valuable feedback, and will incorporate the best ideas, as well as some innovative functionalities on our improvements list!

The upcoming version will provide multiple Access Levels to the system users; so, depending on the Company Branches they are associated with, users will be able to login with their own credentials, and have respective view of the system based on the Admin set-up!

Geo-fencing functionality will be added, notifying the users every time a Guard scans some checkpoint outside the Area of interest!

A Timeline page will be available, displaying the daily plan (Todo items) list, as well as a list of the Pending items! 

The Events Browser will support Auto-refresh, so that the Admin is notified about the new events sent by his Guards without the need to press any button!

And that's not all! Plenty more useful improvements will be added, to guarantee that you enjoy advanced user experience!

So stay tuned for these updates, we hope you will be as delighted as we are!