What's Man Down?

Now, you can ensure your Guards' safety and health status by using the Man Down functionality of QR-Patrol!
Guards and Lone Workers that need to perform patrols by themselves, without any close or direct supervision, don't have to worry anymore!

Using the Man Down functionality, the Monitoring Center can be alerted of any urgent situation, even if the Guards won't have the chance, the capability and/or the time to send out a S.O.S. event!

In more detail, Man Down Events are created automatically, once your device's sensors detect a vertical movement in space or an extreme acceleration in any direction.

To cancel a false alarm, the security guard has the option to prevent the event from submitting within a few seconds, in order to prevent causing uncalled-for concern!

So, in case any of your Guards collapses unexpectedly or receives a sudden acceleration (for instance, in case he gets hit by a car), the operation manager will receive a Man Down event through the web application of QR-Patrol and an Alarm will immediately take off.

qr patrol man down functionality

Technical Info

The core of the Man Down functionality relies on the movement of the smartphone and the basic concept is to calculate the technical parameters which are correlated with the falling of the smartphone. The system takes measurements every 30 milliseconds. It uses 3 different sensors of the smartphone in order to assure that the phone falls vertically down to the ground.

The system will take the first measurement when a vertical acceleration, lower than the gravity acceleration (g), is detected. There will be many consecutive measurements where the movement of the smartphone is analyzed for 150 milliseconds to ensure that there is a falling and it is not a random event (e.g. abrupt placement of the smartphone on a table).

In the next stage, the system tests the movement of the smartphone and undo the previous procedure. If there is no movement or it is too smooth for the next 2 seconds, then a pop-up dialog is appearing for 30 seconds. Within this time interval, the user can undo the sending of a Man Down event, by filling the PIN number. In case it’s a demo account, just press any button and the event will not be sent.

Finally, there is an “Extreme Crash” functionality where even if a huge acceleration is detected -e.g. 50 m/s2, meaning an acceleration which equals to approximately 5 times higher than the gravity acceleration - to any direction, then a Man Down event is sent immediately without any pop-up message warning before.

It is crucial to mention that there are no significant changes regarding the battery consumption.


Keep in mind that Man Down has been tested by our team for several months, but under laboratory conditions and not in real-life threatening situations. Due to this fact, we decided to release Man Down functionality on an experimental mode and we urge you to also test it in real-life conditions initially, prior to adopting it on your daily schedule.

web application man down alert

We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas in order to further improve Man Down functionality and ensure maximum prevention for Guards and Lone Workers!

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