New feature added: Enable Guards to login using NFC tags! (old app)

In response to your requests for an alternative, simpler way for the Guards to login to the mobile application (without the need to
remember & enter their Guard I.D. by heart), we are excited to present our latest system addition, Guard login using NFC tags!

With this latest addition, the Monitoring Center can set-up an NFC tag (that the Guard could carry with him) so that it allows a specific Guard
to enter his Guard I.D. on the mobile app just by scanning it!

You can associate an NFC tag with a specific Guard for his login, by following the steps below:

Login to the Web Application 
Navigate to Company Check Points
Select the target NFC checkpoint from the list of available checkpoints, and press the "Edit" link
On the pop-up page, select the target Guard from the drop-down list next to the "Guard Login" field
Finally, press on "Confirm" button

The Guard simply needs to go to the "Change Guard ID" page on his mobile application, and then place their smartphone over the target NFC tag;
The Guard ID will be filled-in automatically!

Important Note: If the Guard also has a PIN to use for the login, then it needs to be inserted manually.

For any question or inquiry, feel free to contact our sales team.