QR - PTT is now available for iOS

QR-PTT Push To Talk is an easy to use PTT over IP client, developed for lone workers communication or other colleagues and co-workers interaction. It can be used by companies that need to be in constant communication with their employees, to give instructions, make comments, report incidents in real time by voice communication or by sending a text message within the application.

QR Push to Talk improves work communication and efficiency, reducing communication costs and minimizing communication deteriorations.

We're thrilled to inform you that QR-PTT is now available on AppStore as well!

The workers can carry only one device and save the cost of purchasing traditional Walkie-Talkie devices, since they can use their own iPhone or iPad for all of their working tasks!

The iOS version of QR-PTT offers almost all the features that are already known from QR - PTT's Android version. Soon all the features will be available.

You can simply download QR-PTT by clicking here.

If you wish to activate a QR-PTT account, let us know by e-mail at info[at]qrpatrol.com.