QR-PTT Updated Version Released!

Now you can easily communicate instantly via a Push To Talk over IP application!

QR-PTT is an Android application, developed for lone workers communication or other colleagues and co-workers interaction.

QR Push to Talk improves work communication and efficiency, reducing communication costs
and minimizing communication deteriorations.
The workers can carry only one device and save the cost of purchasing traditional Walkie-Talkie devices,
since they can only use their own smartphone for all of their working tasks!

The updated version of QR-PTT (BETA) offers a renewed interface and some brand new features;

You can now use your device's Volume Buttons as PTT buttons
Your Hands-free media button works/functions as PTT button (toggle mode).
     This function is also available while QR-PTT is running on background.
You can be transferred to QR-Patrol application with the press of a single button!

QR-PTT (BETA) is available in Google Play Store. You can simply download QR-PTT by clicking on the following button:


If you wish to learn more about QR-PTT, you can find more information here!