4 tips – tools to be fully transparent to your Clients & Colleagues - Promote your high quality services

While the number of the companies need to move to remote management systems is increasing, the solutions been provided for workforce, issue and emergency management purposes are still too complex. Security, hospitality and facilities management are just a few of the sectors where the need for transparency between the company, the managers, the employees and the clients turned to be a must nowadays.

The need is not only hiding behind the performance but in the importance of being able to present the performance’s results to the clients as well. Proving – showing to the client actual facts – data, that the job is been done on a daily basis is one of the needs aimed to be covered from companies, respecting and supporting their continuously growing, high quality services.

  • 1  "How do I know that your cleaners passed by 3 times per as I asked?"
  • 2  "How could I be sure that your Guard is checking the emergency exits 8 times per shift, to avoid severe situation like the last time before starting using your system?"
  • 3  "How can I be sure that my employees are following the safety regulations, to avoid any injuries and drop the incident rate?"

These are just some of the queries and demands may rise from clients and colleagues, which are leading to not only creating strong mechanism for data gathering, but having the right tool to turn them into insights. Scheduling the times when the rooms and washrooms need to be cleaned daily, or the times that the emergency exits must be checked and gathering information about the compliance of the employees to safety rules could be transformed into numbers, gathered at one place and sent to multiple recipients of interest.

Saas – Cloud solution

QR-Patrol workforce and Issue management (Work Orders) software offers a smart, yet very simple way for companies to share their performance and services results on the field with zero clicks. This completely automated combination of simple tools can also create positive impact to the general development of the company – but let’s talk about results a bit later.

  •  The company’s manager has the ability to create reports gathering data been performed on the field to be sent automatically to multiple recipients, including of course client’s managers, colleagues and supervisors.
  •  Crosstabs
  •  He/she can also give client’s manager a username and a password (of their preference) to log in the web url, via a simple web browser and have access to a limited view of what’s happening in their properties. They can filter with specific date and time windows, emphasizing on events, incidents, forms or emergencies and the respective results will be presented.
  •  Except from the complete reports being delivered daily, weekly or monthly, the client’s manager will receive a real time email notification for incidents sent during the day
  •  For more advanced reported capabilities, the manager can add tailor made reports to be delivered automatically to multiple recipients, gathering the necessary data at one place. Schedules’ completions rates or incidents flows and trends could be just some of the many options for transparency and operational purposes.


As referred before, the combination of the above 3 simple functionalities will compose a great tool concluding to a competitive advantage of the company being fully transparent to its clients, having nothing to hide and proving that the job is been done. This could be also a way for the company to emphasize on its performance, pointing its resources and improvements to the right way to eliminate risk patterns:

  •  Strong, solid, trustworthy and long term relationships can be created between the company and its clients.
  •  The attention of the company is being focused on the elimination of any risk patterns and the continuous improvement of the services’ quality.
  •  Due to the systems cloud nature, the client’s manager can search for data filtering by date, time, type etc. Even in the case when a PDF report cannot be found for some reason, the data are there.
  •  Last but not least, it can compose a great tool for data gathering in terms of reporting for decision making and audit purposes – needs internally.

Tips – next steps

  •  A useful tip before moving on with the features is to reassure that the setup has being performed correctly, including all the operational levels (operational diagram blog post link).
  •  Afterwards, the feature can be found in the Client’s section after selecting an entity and hitting Edit. A web app guide and Scheduled email reports guide would be very helpful in that part.
  •  For more advanced reporting capabilities, tailor made reports being delivered automatically to Clients would be the best tool.

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You may go through a smooth, digital monitoring experience using QR-Patrol workforce management system along with the necessary success guidance, based on our experience in your sector. Now more than ever, we march on an unpaved, challenging, yet creative way. It may be easier to keep up with technology’s pace after all.

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Written by Michael Parmazis